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Statement by attorney Konrad Kircher of Ohio

We offered for Konrad Kirsher, attorney in Ohio, to make a statement for this website.  The following statement was sent to us on October 20, 2004.  It is very important.  Tell everyone you know to read this!)

David Kelley is probably the most notorious sexual predator to have ever polluted the Cincinnati area. He was a cruel manipulator and entrapper of perhaps a hundred children. Yet he is free to roam the country as he pleases. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati had many reports of his sexual molestation of children, beginning in the 1970s and continuing into the 1980s. Yet the Archdiocese never reported his crimes. On the contrary, it actively concealed his crimes. Because the Archdiocese never reported the crimes, Kelley was never charged with a criminal offense. Because he was never convicted of a criminal offense, he is not a registered sex offender. Because he is not a registered sex offender, he is free to start a new life of crime wherever he chooses. This horrific story emphasizes the need to change the archaic laws known as statutes of limitations, so that victims who are unable to muster the ability or obtain the knowledge to come forward with claims against a perpetrator for some time are still able to put these monsters behind bars and hold accountable those who facilitate their crimes.  
Konrad Kircher
4824 Socialville-Foster Rd.
Mason, OH 45040