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Media Alert!  Casey pleads not guilty in Scott County, Virginia, courtroom


William C. Casey who had admitted abusing Warren Tucker and "probably others" has submitted a plea of not guilty in Scott County, Virginia.  

Wes Bunch of the Kingsport Times News was present in the courtroom and submitted this preliminary report. Please check out the story at the following web address.  


Warren Tucker, the victim who came forward April 14, 2010 and reported the abuse by Father Casey, has issued the following statement:

"It is disappointing that Mr. Casey is more than willing to confess and plead guilty when he believes he faces no prison time. But when facing prison time he appears to have developed a case of amnesia. I had hoped that Casey would spare the court and law enforcement the time and trouble of trying him in a court of law. In either event I believe the justice system will now takes its course and Mr. Casey will have to face the consequences."

Susan Vance, East Tennessee SNAP director, has issued the following statement:
"Again, a pedophile priest abuses his victim! After admitting to Bishop Stika that he was a molester and there were "probably others," Father Casey runs and hides in the face of truth. We await the condemnation of Casey's action in this Virginia court by Bishop Stika and all priests of the Knoxville diocese. Where is the righteous indignation at this brazen attempt to avoid justice?"

Submitted by Susan Vance, SNAP of Tennessee