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Letters to the editor

Churches should always

protect the children first

Sexual abuse of any kind is a crime and should be remembered and treated as such, regardless of who the perpertrator might be. Why is it that the same people who would see an abuser on the street as disgusting cannot see the disgust when a pastor is accused of such a crime? Instead, they begin to build him up by telling all the good he has done for the people and the community. Does that negate his guilt?

The Rev. Richard Mickey did the right thing by resigning. The parishioners of St Mary's Catholic Church should do the right thing by taking the accusations seriously, and considering the possibility that they might be true. It saddens me to see that there was no mention of the two brothers as the congregation expressed its concern for the pastor.

We must protect children at any cost! I say believe the child first until proven otherwise.

I am a former member the a mega-charismatic church in the Atlanta area called The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. The leader, Bishop Earl Paulk has been accused of sexual abuse with a lawsuit in progress.

This lawsuit involves vulnerable women. He has also had a lawsuit against him for child molestation that settled out of court a few years ago. So you see, it's not just the Catholic Church.

We cannot afford to risk the continuation of sexual of abuse by clergy. I pray St. Mary's will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of the children, and don't be silent about it! We all deserve to know!

Denise Weaver

Lithonia, Ga.