SNAP of Tennessee

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - Tennessee 

James W. Murphy is perpetrator across the state of Tennessee

Tennessee priest implicated with abusive priest!  Four survivors/victims give their stories in documents from trial in Iowa.  James W. Murphy, who has served across the entire state of Tennessee, is a retired priest of the Memphis Diocese. 

Murphy is pictured on the left with William Janssen (Murphy in black on the left; Janssen on the right).  A former priest, Janssen has been ordered to pay $1.86 million in case settled in Iowa on Monday, May 10, 2005.  Click here for the story.  Another link to this story may be found here.

The staff of BishopAccountability.org has a complete service history and complete documentation from the Iowa trial.  Click here for the information.

If you are overwhelmed with all the information from the Iowa trial,click here for bits and pieces from the documents from the Iowa trial that pertain specifically to Murphy.  Read the account provided to SNAP of Tennessee by one of the victims of Murphy and Janssen, Mike Hitch.   

The picture on the left was taken during the 1967 trip to Florida mentioned in documents found in their entirety at this link on BishopAccountability.org.  Two teen boys pictures were cropped from this picture taken in the Smoky Mountains.  Note that Murphy was stationed at Our Lady of Fatima in Alcoa during this time frame.  See full information at www.bishop-accountability.com