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Paul St. Charles

Paul St. Charles publicly receives the "Golden Grad" award from Bishop Choby.  Does the bishop think of the feelings of victims of clergy abuse when he does this public presentation?  When will it be politically correct in Nashville to tell the people that Paul St. Charles is found credibly accused by the Bishop of Memphis, J. Terry Steib?  Is this not part of Choby's job?

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Holy Rosary supports fundraiser for Paul St. Charles

In the fall of 2005, Paul St. Charles was allowed to advertise a fundraiser in the Holy Rosary Church bulletin.  The fundraiser was for Paul St. Charles himself, and he sold his art to raise money for himself.  SNAP objected to the implied approval of Paul St. Charles by allowing this fundraiser to be advertised and for parishioners to be encouraged to attend. 

Information relative to SNAP activities of Sunday, December 11, 2005
Press release 12-09-05
Letters to officials of diocese of Nashville and officials of Holy Rosary Parish, Nashville  
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Assignment record for Paul St. Charles

Click here for a link to the assignment record of Paul St. Charles.  Please note that for many years of his retirement, he has been giving youth retreats in parishes in Nashville.

Letter from Mike Coode to Paul St. Charles

Click here for link to letter from Mike Coode to Paul St. Charles.  SNAP has been trying to get the truth out about St. Charles for many years.